United HealthCare now in network!

Dr. Santana is VERY excited to announce that we have received the completed contract from United HealthCare! Our network effective date is November 29th. If you have UHC and have been waiting to schedule with us, call 863-230-6950 today! We expect Aetna to follow shortly.

Lenay Santana & Heartland Neurology, Labelle, FL

Heartland Neurology is an outpatient Neurology practice located in Labelle, FL. Dr. Santana is a board-certified neurologist and board-certified neuromuscular specialist with thirteen years of clinical experience. She completed fellowships in both Neuromuscular medicine and Neurophysiology at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans, LA. In addition to the diagnoses and treatment of various neurological conditions, she also performs Electromyographies, Nerve Conduction Studies, and select non-cosmetic Botox procedures. Dr. Santana speaks English and Spanish with equal fluency. Heartland Neurology schedules appointments Tuesday through Saturday.